Sepsis from antiquity to contemporaneity. A view through the centuries

V.V. Nikonov, A.S. Sokolov, A.E. Feskov


Modern medicine has moved far ahead, but despite all the achievements the problem of finding reliable criteria, concepts, definitions of sepsis remains relevant. Sepsis is potentially fatal in nature. The expressed biological and clinical heterogeneity of patients with sepsis, age, premorbid background, drugs taken, and various sources of infection create a high variability in the onset and course of the pathological process. New definitions of sepsis adjusted the focus on rethinking the clinical manifestations of this syndrome and accented the importance of organ dysfunction as a key diagnostic feature. Unexplained organ failure in a patient should alert the doctor to the possibility of developing sepsis. Definitely on how quickly we can react to changes, rationally and purposefully prescribe therapy the result will depend.


sepsis; septic shock; organ failure; review


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