State of regional vascular bed in case of the acute ischemic diseases of the intestine and its morphological features

M.V. Maksimenko, S.M. Lobanov, I.O. Tiuliukin


The article reflects a modern view on the morphological basis for the development of acute vascular diseases of the intestine. Studying pathomorphological manifestations of acute vascular diseases of the intestine in 202 patients revealed that in the vast majority of patients, they had an occlusive nature. Taking into account the age features of the pathological process, certain patterns were established that revealed seve­ral-fold predominance in the patients of the elderly and senile age of non-occlusive lesions of mainly superior mesenteric artery and vein system which are difficult to detect clinically. In addition, the problem of hospitalization of patients with this pathology in the specialized institutions or medical establishments, which have the possibility of round-the-clock laboratory monitoring of the state of coagulation and fibrinolytic systems with the use of pathogenetically grounded preventive pharmaceuticals and instrumental methods for controlling the dynamic processes, is rather difficult that is reflected in lite­rary sources too.


acute vascular diseases of the intestine; gastrointestinal tract; mesenteric vessels thrombosis


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