Neurological symptoms in the acute period of concussion of the brain at the stages of medical evacuation from the military mobile hospital

O.V. Saiko, B.S. Ovras


Forty one soldiers were examined in the acute period of the concussion of the brain, among which 22 were injured by the blast wave. All patients underwent neurological examination with the study of recommended pathological reflexes (related to face, hands and feet). Neurological status revealed pyramidal, cerebellar signs, symptoms of meningism. The conducted research showed that in the acute period of the concussion of the brain due the blast wave, a significant number of neurological symptoms were revealed, namely pathological axial and symmetrical carpal and foot reflexes. The defined group of pathological reflexes is an indispensable feature of the concussion of the brain as a result of the blast wave. Clinical evaluation of neurological status emphasizes the importance of this affordable and simple method. Timely identification and recognition of pathological symptomatology may have an extremely valuable clinical significance. Therefore, injured persons with concussion of the brain require specialized in-patient treatment in medical institutions level III–IV in order to provide them with neurovisual methods of investigation, dosage regimen of work and rest, medical supervision, modern medical and physiotherapeutic treatment, including psychotherapeutic one, to prevent the development of post-traumatic stress and diencephalic disorders, epileptic seizures, traumatic brain disease.


explosive trauma; concussion of the brain; acute period; pathological reflexes; medical evacuation


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