The issue of thrombohemorrhagic complications in patients with endometrial cancer: what is new?

O.O. Tarabrin, A.L. Bobyr, K.V. Bosenko, O.O. Duzenko


Uterine cancer by the end of the last century has become leading oncogynecological pathology not only in economically developed countries, but also in third world countries. Over the past decades, the gradual and steady increase has begun in morbidity of uterine cancer, and at the same time in mortality from this pathology. It is already well known that there is a very strong correlation between venous thromboembolism and cancer. Patients with malignant neoplasms have a higher incidence of thromboembolic complications. The activation of coagulation mechanisms in cancer patients is a complex and multifactorial process associated with tumor characteristics, clinical stages, aggressiveness of the disease and additional factors caused by the progression of the disease.


uterine cancer; hypercoagulation; thromboembolic complications


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