An overview of the world practice of brain death diagnosis

H.V. Kurochka, Yu.O. Kuibida, I.O. Yovenko, O.V. Tsariov


This review article is focused on importance of developing the standardized criteria of brain death diagnosis. Initially, it offers a list of clinical and ancillary diagnostic criteria, duration and repetition of tests and a structure of the multidisciplinary team according to the Order No. 821 of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine dated 23.09.2013. Then two independently conducted studies have been described. One of them was carried out in 2013. Electronic questionnaires were sent to the experts from 28 European countries. The study found significant variations in clinical and ancillary tests. The authors described percentage of countries which have legal provisions and institutional protocols for brain death diagnosis; variations in the use of protocols and testing process depending on country’s income and presence of an organised transplant network; discrepancies in clinical diagnostic tests, including their duration, repetition and intervals; frequency of using ancillary tests; the structure of a multidisciplinary team. Another study was published by the American Academy of Neurology in 2015. It included a global electronic survey of physicians from 120 countries who would encounter diagnostic process of brain death in their practice.


brain death; clinical diagnostic criteria; ancillary diagnostic criteria; apnoea test


Наказ № 821 від 23.09.2013 р. Міністерства охорони здоров’я України.

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