Pain syndrome in children with hemoblastosis. Current state of the problem

N.M. Adamchuk, O.Yu. Sorokina


Today, the pain syndrome in children with hemoblastosis is still a topical problem. Even with modern anesthetic drugs, it is not always possible to completely eliminate the pain syndrome and prevent the development of associated negative consequences. Patients with cancer often suffer from pain of mixed type, with the presence of neuropathic component. And if the neuropathic type of pain in adults has been widely studied, and there is a lot of multicenter studies, then in children and adolescents, this type was studied rarely. The purpose of this work is to justify the choice of direction for studying pain in children with hemoblastosis based on the literature review. The article presents an analysis of literature sources published from 2008 to 2018 in the databases of the Cochrane Library, Medline, Scopus, PubMed. The cases of pain syndrome signs during the manifestation of the disease are described, as well as data on the development of pain after treatment with vincristine and asparaginase. However, there are quite a few unexplored questions regarding the influence of other chemotherapy drugs on the development of neuropathies, the relationship between age and sex in the formation of pain syndrome, the presence of neuropathic pain component in acute pain syndrome, the effectiveness of different types of anesthesia, and the quality of life after their use in children with hemoblastosis. Regarding pain therapy, there is not enough data on the effectiveness of gabapentin drugs in the comprehensive therapy of acute pain in children with leukemia in order to reduce the duration of opiate use and to prevent chronic pain and asthenia. From this it follows that the study of these issues will help to make in time a decision regarding the choice of the type and duration of pain therapy, as well as to prevent the development of negative consequences.


children with hemoblastosis; pain syndrome; neuropathic pain in children; gabapentin; review


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