Little-known features of long-familiar drug: spotlight on Nefopam

M.V. Bondar, M.M. Pylypenko, D.B. Areshnikov, V.M. Melnik, F.S. Vashchuk


The article presents information that enhances the knowledge of the mechanisms of the syndrome of peripheral and central sensitization, as well as the mechanism of development of postoperative shivering. By the results of their detailed analysis key mechanisms of Nefopam effectiveness for the prevention and treatment of the syndromes mentioned above. The article presents the data on Nefopam role in postoperative pain management programs as a means of prevention and treatment of acute tolerance to opioids. The authors describe the results of own experience of using this drug in the intensive care units in Kyiv.


peripheral sensitization; central sensitization; hyperalgesia; acute tolerance to opioids; postoperative analgesia; postoperative shivering; hiccups; Nefopam


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