Basic principles for prevention of cognitive disorders and restoration of cognitive functions at critical states

A.A. Krishtafor


Background. The purpose was to formulate basic principles for prevention of cognitive impairment associated with critical states and restoration of cognitive functions on the background of the analysis of modern scientific publications. Materials and methods. The following libraries are included in the study: Google Scholar, PubMed, Wiley Online Library, Elsevier,, Springer, Cochrane Library, Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine, eLIBRARY.RU,,, and others. Conclusions. The current state of studying the problem makes it possible to formulate the basic principles for prevention of cognitive disorders and restoration of normal cognitive functioning, the introduction of which should improve the outcomes in patients after critical conditions and the quality of their life in the remote period.


cognitive disorders; postoperative cognitive dysfunction; critical states; non-pharmacological means of prevention; neurotropic therapy


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