The didactic basis of choosing the method of training on “Emergencies” module for preparation to the licensed examination “Step 3”

O.M. Klygunenko, O.Yu. Muryzina


Background. According to the definition of the state testing center at the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, professional competence is the ability to apply knowledge and understanding of fundamental biomedical sciences and basic medical disciplines that are most important for providing patient’s care under the supervision of a more experienced physician. Purpose of the research: to substantiate scientifically the ways of creating a pedagogical process during practical classes on “Emergencies” module in interns of all specialties, applying methods and techniques of modern didactics of the higher medical school. Materials and methods. The basis of the prospective initiative pedagogical systematic study is the data of the analysis of the practical classes on the educational mo­dule “Emergencies” conducted in 2011–2018 in the interns of all specialties on preparation for the licensed examination “Step 3”. Results. The feature of the module is the dominant place of a professional educational task with the development of educational technology of “making a medical decision” when assis­ting the patient; methodical basis — the technology of competence (activity) approach to the teaching. Mastering the content of the module was carried out through a consistent solution of thematic tasks: those that reproduce knowledge, “according to the model”, reconstructive-variational, partially explo­ratory. In accordance with the educational capabilities of each intern, a differentiated educational complicacy was performed: at first — the ability to combine previously known knowledge and methods of action, in the future — to establish links between existing knowledge and new tasks — multidisciplinary educational material and methods of action. The pedagogical situation was rebuilt so that the interns did not receive the solution in the finished form, and through independent acquisition of knowledge and their re-development in the process of own educational and cognitive activity reasonably determined the decision of the professional specialty problem and the way of action — medical competence. During the course of the mo­dule, there was a transformation of the original academic subject knowledge and theoretical skills of each content section in the integrated development of the internment of the professional decision in general to provide assistance to the patient. Conclusions. The method of application of the system of tasks with the gradual increase in the complexity and problem sol­ving of the tasks to be solved, using the interdisciplinary ge­neralization based on the activity of the teacher’s didactic approach and the organization of pedagogical conditions for the active cognitive activity of the learners, increases the quality of the training of interns, performing educational, developing and educational function.


higher medical school didactics; teaching methods; licensed examination; professional medical competence and responsibility


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