Emergency medicine: the formation of clinical thinking on the basis of objective structured clinical examination

A.V. Bolonska, O.Yu. Sorokina, T.O. Buryak


Objective structured clinical examination became a challenge for modern medical education, but also created new opportunities for the development of the teaching staff of the department, motivation for interns, successfully took a worthy place in the system of assessing knowledge and skills. In order to successfully implement this long-term project of changes, it is necessary to share experience with other departments, specialists, health managers; to maintain feedback from students, interns and graduates who effectively and deeply evaluate the results of such certification; to involve into examinations the retired doctors, military men with real combat experience, volunteers, other students who study in the academy and want to participate in such events. Objective structured clinical examination provides an opportunity to combine our efforts to reform the clinical thinking of future specialists, which is just necessary for their responsible and very hard work in real conditions.


objective structured clinical examination; interns; emergency medicine; teaching methodology

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