Primary health care and practical emergency medicine

J.E. Vásquez Abanto, A.E. Vásquez Abanto


In the effective delivery of primary health care, the outcomes of patients’ treatment, the quality and cost of these services can be improved. The task is difficult, but possible, subject to the introduction of professional management and the availability of appropriate infrastructure (drug and logistical support). Employees of emergency medical services are ready, despite the difficulties and limitations, to all kinds of emergency medical treatment. In their activities, teams of emergency medical response need to act according to the established procedure (algorithm of actions), designed to minimize the need for organizational decisions and simultaneously respond with optimal measures. The study of the results of immediate medical practice can serve as a serious addition to the development of local techniques and recommendations adapted to the real difficulties on the field of doctor’s work and the true healthcare opportunities. According to the author’s data, the average time spent on one call is quite large — 52–63 minutes, which is associated with various factors. Calls for major groups averaged to 92.6 % of all calls, and the response of the emergency medical teams to them (relative to all calls in this group) has the following average values per year: diseases of the circulatory system — 7737.3 (45.2 %), acute respiratory infections (flu, acute respiratory viral infection, sore throat) — 2473.3 (14.4 %), neurology — 1928.7 (12.4 %), pulmonology — 1688.7 (9.8 %), urology — 1063.3 (6.4 %), surgical pathology — 873.7 (5.3 %), neoplasms — 470 (3 %).


emergency medicine; emergency response; practicing physician; urgency; emergency; calling a doctor


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