Difficult airway, extubation: difficult/failed?

O.E. Domoratskyi, V.Ye. Kryliuk, R.V. Ivanchenko, M.Yu. Svintukovskyi, M.S. Lysianskyi, N.V. Piatkovska, Yu.A. Oliinyk


Difficult or failed extubation cases are rarely discussed in our anesthesiology community. While airway mana-gement has received considerable attention (including difficult airway), there is not enough information about cases of failed extubation. It should be remembered that unsuccessful extubation is potentially more serious threat than intubation difficulties, it is associated with greater legal responsibility. The article considers the predictors of difficult/failed extubation, solutions and prevention based on the modern studies and guidelines. It also discusses the method of staged tracheal extubation, its pros and cons, the possibility of using in modern conditions and the authors’ experience.


difficult airway; difficult extubation; failed extubation; staged extubation


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