Pain syndrome in oncological diseases and ways to control it

O.V. Lyashchenko


One of the most important problems today is cancer. According to the World Health Organization prognosis, incidence of cancer and mortality will increase with them, and in 2030, the pathology will take over 13 million lives. Pain is an inevitable symptom of this illness. In the final stages of the disease, the tolerable pain gradually develops into a severe, painful, persistent form. In the recommendations of the World Health Organization experts, there are three stages of pharmacotherapy, which provide rational treatment of pain syndrome in cancer patients. The selection of effective pain management is a complex task that requires a phased approach. First of all, the doctor needs anamnesis: the cause of pain, its duration, localization, severity, association with the time of day and exercises, type of analgesics that have already been used, and their effectiveness. Medical studies in recent years suggest that pain should be treated regardless of prognosis for the underlying disease. This is necessary to prevent the destructive effect of pain on the physical, moral and mental state of the patient, to preserve his social significance.


pain; cancer; oncological diseases; chronic pain; anesthesia; three-stage system of anesthesia; pain syndrome; patient-controlled analgesia



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