Assessing the quality of life of children with catheter-associated urinary tract infections

Z.T. Sadova-Chuba


Background. The purpose of the work was to assess the quality of life of children aged 8–12 years with catheter-associated urinary tract infections. Materials and methods. The Pediatric Quality of Life Inventory (2014) was used. Sixty intensive care unit patients with surgical pathology were questioned. They were divided into 3 groups: 1 — those who had signs of urinary tract infection, 2 — children with no signs of urinary tract infection, 3 — control group of patients who were not catheterized. Results. In all three groups, there were equally low total physical health indicators. However, the total score of psychological health was higher in the control group. Conclusion. The quality of life in assessed groups was influenced more by the volume of surgical intervention than the presence of urinary tract infection, and the presence of the urinary catheter caused rather psychological than physical discomfort.


children; quality of life; catheter-associated urinary tract infections


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