Pupillary diameter in brain death or clinical death: is it reliable?


  • D.A. Krishtafor State Institution “Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine”, Dnipro, Ukraine; Mechnikov Dnipropetrovsk Regional Clinical Hospital, Dnipro, Ukraine
  • A.A. Krishtafor State Institution “Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine”, Dnipro, Ukraine
  • D.M. Stanin State Institution “Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine”, Dnipro, Ukraine




pupils, pupillary diameter, brain death


Dilated pupils are traditionally considered one of the main signs of clinical death and brain death. Although in clinical practice even in biological death pupil size often remains medium. Pupil size evaluation is not included into modern CPR protocols and brain death diagnostics protocols.


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