Tracheoarterial fistula as a complication of prolonged tracheostomy


  • R.Yu. Sobko Western Ukrainian Specialized Children’s Medical Centre, Lviv, Ukraine, Ukraine
  • M.T. Boiko Western Ukrainian Specialized Children’s Medical Centre, Lviv, Ukraine, Ukraine



tracheostomy, tracheoarterial fistula, bleeding, allografting


The article presents a clinical case of a rare and severe complication of prolonged tracheostomy in the form of fistula formation between tracheal lumen and brachiocephalic artery and the development of massive bleeding from it. The patient’s treatment was urgent and successful. Operative intervention was performed with subsequent allografting of brachiocephalic trunk (vascular prosthesis Vascutek 8 mm was used) and the anastomosis was created using a continuous suture technique. The patient was discharged home in a satisfactory condition on the 17th post-operative day.


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