Multimodal Balanced Anesthesia for Caesarean Section

Kim Yen-Din, A.A. Semenikhin, A.K. Abidov, K.D. Mikirtichev


97 caesarean sections were carried out in patients aged 21 to 39 years without severe extragenital pathology. Group I consisted of 49 patients in whom we used preemptive analgesia, in group II (48 patients), as a preemptive analgesia, 15–20 minutes before the operation we administered Infulgan intravenously within 15 minutes. Postoperative analgesia was performed with Infulgan. Planned daily dose of Infulgan did not exceed 4 g. The duration of therapy was not more than 2 days.
The clinical studies showed that Infulgan is highly effective when used in preemptive analgesia, precludes the use of narcotic analgesics in the postoperative period without compromising the quality of anesthesia. It eliminates the risk of depression of external respiration in patients at high risk of complications. Spinal anesthesia using Longocain Heavy is a highly effective method of analgesia to protect the patient in the perioperative period, has no adverse effects on the fetus and newborn.


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