Efficacy and Safety of Premedication by Modern α-2 Agonists in the Perioperative Period

O.E. Domoratskyi, V.O. Kryliuk, V.V. Sozanskyi, K.A. Rybak, O.B. Kriatchenko


α-2 agonists have a number of useful pharmacodynamic effects, such as anxiolytic, sympatholytic, antinociceptive ones, which are useful in the anesthesia practice. On the other hand, their use is limited by side effects: severe hypotension and bradycardia, especially in interaction with anesthetics. Today, in Ukraine there is available clonidine, well known for a long time, and dexmedetomidine — a modern α-2 agonist. We have studied the efficacy and safety of premedication using dexmedetomidine at a dose of 0.7 mcg/kg. Positive effects of dexmedetomidine in patients with abdominal surgical patho­logy were demonstrated.


α-2 agonists; premedication; dexmedetomidine


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