Features of Central Hemodynamic Changes in Patients with Burn Injury on the Background of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

H.I. Posternak, A.S. Sokolov, M.Ye. Kryvoruchko, A.S. Ahzibehian


The greatest difficulties in the treatment of patients with thermal injuries occur in combined injuries. In these patients, toxic effects of pyrolysis products on the pulmonary system and the organism as a whole burden the severity and the course of shock. High mortality of patients with severe burns in the period of burn shock and day after the recovery from it shows that the circulatory disorders persist for a long time and their correction presents certain difficulties.
The authors have proved that the formation of the syndrome of hemodynamic disorders in patients with multifactorial termotoxic lesion occurs on a background of reduced tissue perfusion, expressed metabolic acidosis with the formation of cardiac dysfunction. These disorders interfere with the maintenance of the required rate of fluid resuscitation and prompt compensation of metabolic shifts.


burn shock; carbon monoxide poisoning; central hemodynamics


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