Effectiveness of Analgesia of Transversus Abdominis Plane Block after Abdominal Surgery in Children

D.V. Dmytriiev


The studies were carried out in 22 children who underwent surgery for abdominal and retroperitoneal tumors. Depending on the method of anesthesia, patients were divided into two groups: the first group — 10 patients (multimodal analgesia, transversus abdominis plane (TAP) block and continuous intravenous infusion of fentanyl were used), the second group — 12 children (continuous intravenous infusion of fentanyl was only used). It is proved that multicomponent analgesia (TAP-block and continuous intravenous infusion of opioid analgesics) significantly reduces the negative effects of inadequate anesthesia in children and contributes to the effective analgesia after traumatic surgeries, reduces the manifestations of hyperalgesia, improves parameters of hemodynamics and blood flow in the vessels of the abdominal cavity.


hyperalgesia; children; postoperative period


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