Hypertension: a Disease or a Risk Factor?

J.E. Vasquez Abanto, A.E. Vasquez Abanto, S.B. Arellano Vasquez


In studies, published by some researchers (De la Sierra A. and González-Segura D.) in 2011, and by others (Martell-Claros N., Galgo-Nafria A.) in 2012, there were stu-died the risk factors for cardiovascular diseases that emphasizes their crucial role in the occurrence of cardiovascular events. In addition to dyslipidemia, hypertension is an important factor for cardiovascular diseases and worsening of their prognosis.
At the level of primary health care, particularly in emergency medicine, there are high rates of calls due to circulatory di-seases, among which calls due to hypertension are dominated. At that, hypertension as a concomitant diagnosis accompanies almost every case of the call for circulatory diseases.
Quantitative analysis of calls serviced by emergency team, according to disease entities, leads to the conclusion that most serviced calls are the calls due to circulatory diseases, essential hypertension with crises, respiratory, digestive and nervous system diseases. The percentage of circulatory diseases and essential hypertension with crises among all served calls (for 3-year period) is 40.84 and 25.74 %, respectively.


hypertension; cardiovascular diseases; risk; cardiology; pressure


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