Comparison of the Effectiveness of Conservative and Combined Treatment Using Thoracoplasty in Patients With Destructive Drug-Resistant Pulmonary Tuberculosis

O.M. Raznatovska, V.O. Yevsa, H.V. Khudiakov


Introduction. Improving the efficiency of the treatment of patients with destructive drug-resistant pulmonary tuberculosis. Objective — to compare the effectiveness of conservative and combined treatment using surgery (thoracoplasty) in patients with destructive drug-resistant pulmonary tuberculosis. Materials and Methods. The main group consisted of 30 patients who received the combined treatment with surgery, namely thoracoplasty. Control group included 284 patients who received only conservative treatment (antimycobacterial chemotherapy). Results. Among patients in the control group, treatment efficiency was higher by 11.7 %. In group of patients with thoracoplasty, average time of bacterial excretion termination was significantly reduced by 1.8 months, the healing of destructions in the lungs was achieved significantly more often, by 1.5 times. Conclusion. In patients with destructive drug-resistant pulmonary tuberculosis, after the failure of conservative treatment, the use of thoracoplasty in the absence of contraindications is the best solution to increase the efficiency of the treatment of these patients.


destructive drug-resistant pulmonary tuberculosis; conservative treatment; combination treatment; thoracoplasty


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