Postoperative Analgesia When Performing Pancreatic Resection Surgeries

V.M. Kopchak, K.V. Kopchak, I.V. Khomiak, O.V. Duvalko, L.O. Pererva, N.H. Davydenko, Ya.V. Romaniv, O.S. Tkachuk


The article discusses the use of an effective complex of surgical and conservative measures to reduce the number of prescriptions of narcotic drugs in the postoperative period. In the complex of measures, it is proposed to apply laparoscopic approach when performing pancreatic resections that can reduce the injury of the anterior abdominal wall. In this, it is proposed to use an epidural anesthesia, which, in addition to the analgesic effect, has a positive impact on intestinal motility in the postoperative period. As the third element in the complex of measures, it is recommended to administer painkillers, namely non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as Xefocam. This complex of approaches promotes adequate pain relief and the possibility to refuse analgesia with narcotic analgesics in 95.7 % of patients.


resection; postoperative analgesia; Xefocam


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