Role of Organ Microthrombosis in Patients with Acute Pancreatitis in the Formation of Multiple Organ Dysfunction

B.Ya. Pidhirnyi


In the article, according to 32 pathologist’s reports in patients with acute pancreatitis, the incidence of microthrombosis in different organs has been analyzed and compared with their dysfunctions, which were diagnosed in vivo in the clinic.
The objective of this study is a retrospective analysis of the data of pathological studies in dead persons with severe acute pancreatitis, causes of mortality and incidence of microthrombosis in various organs.
According to pathologist’s reports, in 81 % of patients microvasculature thrombosis has been detected. Almost in 85 % of cases this process has been revealed in various organs and only in 15 % of cases microcirculatory disorders have been detected in one organ.
Microthrombosis, which was found in some organs (first of all in liver and kidneys), according to pathologist’s reports did not always correlated with manifestations of dysfunction of these organs evaluated by clinical and biochemical parameters.


acute pancreatitis; thrombosis


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