Clinical and Epidemiological Features of Concomitant Craniothoracic Injury

V.H. Poltoratskyi


Concomitant craniothoracic injury is one of the most common and the most severe concomitant traumatic brain injuries. We have analyzed 564 medical records from patients with concomitant craniothoracic injury, who were treated at the polytrauma unit of Kharkiv clinical emergency and immediate care hospital named after A.I. Meschaninov in 2012–2014. Craniothoracic injuries have been detected in 16.5 % of all victims with concomitant traumatic brain injury. In all patients, as a result of chest injuries, we have observed violations of respiratory function of varying severity, which is associated with pain syndrome in fractures of the ribs, sternum (even in bruised chest without violations in rib cage integrity, patients have limited respiratory excursions due to the pronounced pain). With increasing severity of traumatic brain injury, it is difficult to diagnose thoracic injuries in patients with craniothoracic trauma that in the presence of severe and very severe traumatic brain injury leads to delayed diagnosis of thoracic injuries. Neurotrauma and thoracic injuries burden posttraumatic period. Combined craniothoracic injury is the second most common type of concomitant injuries after cranioskeletal trauma that requires special attention of surgeons, neurosurgeons and resuscitation experts.


craniothoracic injury; craniocerebral injury; polytrauma


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