British Experience in Providing Emergency Care to Victims with Severe Polytrauma

M.M. Pylypenko


The experience of completion ATLS course and its implementation into practice of emergency and intensive care for severe injury in the UK have been presented in this paper. Teaching the course ATLS has features, differences from the system of postgraduate training in Ukraine. They include short, clearly structured lectures with unified, standard, meticulously prepared slides and following intensive practical trainings in providing care to patients with different types of traumas and injuries.
Features of emergency care in polytrauma include using a team approach with clearly defined responsibilities for each of trauma team members. In patients with severe trauma and hemorrhagic shock blood transfusion, active warming, oxygen inhalation start already at prehospital stage, in emergency vehicle or helicopter or in the first few minutes after admission to the trauma center. Pulse oximetry, invasive monitoring of blood pressure, capnography, electrocardiography are being immediately carried out in a patient, as well as blood gas analysis and checking of other laboratory parameters. All urgent diagnostic procedures (first of all radiologic examination) are carried out in the emergency department, and then the patient immediately enters the operating room. This intensification of treatment in the first «golden» hour helps to reduce the duration of the shock and to improve treatment outcomes.


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