Prevention and treatment of contrast-induced nephropathy in cardiac patients

T.V. Kropyvko, O.M. Druzhyna, O.A. Loskutov, I.P. Chlapak


Contrast-induced nephropathy in patients undergoing cardiac surgery increased morbidity, mortality and length of hospital stay. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of endovascular methods of diagnosis using X-ray contrast agents for the development of contrast-induced nephropathy in patients undergoing cardiac surgery with coronary heart disease and previous renal dysfunction. The study included 40 patients aged 50 to 75 years, who were divided into 2 groups. The first group included patients who had prophylactic hemodialysis session after coronaroventriculography. The second group included patients who get hemodialysis only in case of contrast-induced nephropathy. The study showed that patients from the first group on 7-th day after coronaroventriculography had decrease creatinine in serum to 39.9 %. They also had an increasing of glomerular filtration rate to 22.6 % compared to the second group of patients. On the background of developed contrast-induced nephropathy in 5 patients (23.8 %) of the second group were retried hemodialysis. Based on our results, we can conclude that the preventive session of renal replacement therapy in these patients accelerates the recovery of renal function and improves the prognosis for recovery.


сontrast-induced nephropathy; coronary heart disease; renal replacement therapy


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