Clinical and Immunological Aspects of Pharmacological Cardioversion in Patients with Cognitive Dysfunction on the Background Atrial Fibrillation

S.M. Stadnik


The objective of this study was to investigate the clinical and immunological status of patients with cognitive dysfunction on the background of atrial fibrillation and efficacy of amiodarone when treating such patients. The patients were divided into two groups: I group consisted of 46 patients who underwent pharmacological cardioversion with amiodarone, ІІ group — of 32 patients in whom sinus rhythm was not restored due to contraindications. We have studied the level of asthenia, MMSE test performance, Schulte tables, clock drawing test, Frontal Assessment Battery, verbal associations (regular and categorical), test of 12 words that are shown for immediate recall. The levels of proinflammatory cytokines (IL-6, TNF-α) and C-reactive protein were determined by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. After treatment in patients from І group neurocognitive performance was better than in patients of ІІ group. Reduced levels of proinflammatory cytokines in patients of І group were statistically significant. Pharmacological cardioversion with amiodarone significantly affect the correction of neuropsychological functions, improving the condition of patients with atrial fibrillation and quality of their life. Restoration of sinus rhythm in patients with atrial fibrillation is accompanied by decreased activity of systemic inflammation.


atrial fibrillation; cognitive dysfunction; proinflammatory cytokines; pharmacological cardioversion


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