Hyperbaric Oxygenation in the Complex of Intensive Care for Gunshot Wounds and Blast Injuries

Ye.F. Sakovich, Yu.V. Iskra, L.A. Maltseva


Intensive care of gunshot wounds and blast injuries is an urgent problem of military surgery and surgery of injuries. Presence of microcirculatory disturbance syndrome with outcome to hypoxia in a severe gunshot wound is an indication to include hyperbaric oxygenation to treatment course. Hyperbaric oxygenation can be started only after completing urgent antishock and surgical interventions.
Research objective: to study capabilities of hyperbaric oxygenation as a part of postoperative intensive care for gunshot wounds and blast injuries.
56 wounded persons were treated in intensive care and hyperbaric oxygenation unit: with abdominal wounds — 12, chest wounds — 5, shrapnel wounds of upper and lower limbs — 39. Hyperbaric oxygenation regimen was started in 3–20 hours after surgical correction, it comprised 5–15 sessions in 1.5–2 ATA modes with 40–60 min exposures. There were identified features of hyperbaric oxygenation efficiency depending on type of wounds.


gunshot wounds and blast injuries; intensive care; hyperbaric oxygenation


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