Practice of Infusion and Transfusion Therapy for Bleedings Following Severe Gunshot Injury: Strategy on the Choice of Drugs and Target Endpoints

І.А. Yovenko, Yu.Yu. Kobeliatskyi, A.V. Tsariov, V.V. Petrov, Ye.A. Kuzmova, O.A. Shaida, L.L. Dubovskaia, O.V. Belotserkovets


The article presents modern views on the choice of drugs and targets of infusion and transfusion therapy for ble­edings following severe gunshot injury.


gunshot injury; bleeding; shock; infusion and transfusion therapy; Damage Control Resuscitation


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Материалы семинара по инфузионной терапии и контролю волемического статуса (Зальцбург, 2014).



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