Complicated Pneumococcal Pneumonia in a Child: Case Report

M.Yu. Kurochkin, A.H. Davydova, V.N. Kapusta, O.V. Liaturinskaia, M.A. Skalozubov, V.I. Kharitonov, Ye.V. Bakhtina, S.A. Zhmykhova, Yu.V. Horodkova


The article presents a clinical case of pneumococcal pneumonia complicated by destructive process and septicemia in a child. In addition to massive antibiotic therapy, immunological preparations, extracorporeal detoxification methods and thoracoscopy with drainage of the pleural cavity were required for the successful treatment. The effectiveness of therapy was confirmed by studies of the intoxication syndrome markers dynamics.


pneumonia; pneumococcus; thoracoscopy; plasmapheresis


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