Structured Clinical Examination in Anesthesiology in Great Britain: the Experience of Implementation in Ukraine

M.M. Pylypenko, I. Rybinkina, M.V. Bondar, I.P. Shlapak


For decades in Great Britain there was developed and improved the system of postgraduate training in anesthesiology and intensive care, which would meet the rapid development of one of the most technological professions in medicine. Since 2004, postgraduate training is divided into 2-year basic training, after which the resident must take primary exam (FRCA Primary) and 5-year specialized training. Control and monitoring of knowledge, including through a comprehensive and rigorous examinations, are very important parts of this system. So we tried to implement a simplified version of Objective structured clinical examinations (OSCE), which is the key one in the structure of primary exam for graduates of our 2-year internship. In this regard, we have prepared 8 clinical and theoretical stations, at each of which interns were examined by 2 teachers for questions prepared in advance and benchmarks of correct answers. According to the results of examination, we have revealed clinical stations and topics, in which interns have demonstrated good knowledge, as well as topics, in which their answers often do not coincide with the reference ones. It should be emphasized that abroad for this exam residents are specially trained, and our interns hadn’t such experience. Already after receiving certificate, most interns gave a positive evaluation of the exam and trainings, which took part before the exam and in parallel with it.


structured clinical examination in anesthesiology; postgraduate training


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