Multicomponent Hyperosmolar Colloidal Solutions as an Effective Component of Infusion Therapy in Patients with Acute Pancreatitis

V.P. Andriushchenko, V.V. Kunovskyi


This article deals with one of the most severe and prognostically adverse acute abdominal diseases — acute pancreatitis. The data of the study on clinical efficacy and the role of perfusion solutions in the comprehensive surgical treatment of patients with acute pancreatitis at the early stage of therapy. The findings made it possible to conclude that the inclusion of perfusion solutions of hydroxiethyl starch in the correction scheme in hypovolemic disorders contributes to stabilization of patients’ condition, has a microcirculatory effect and provides early recovery of peristalsis.


acute pancreatitis; perfusion solutions; hydroxiethyl starch; microcirculation; peristalsis


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