Evaluation of the Therapeutice Fficacy of 0.9% NaCl Solution and the Solution of Mannitol in Patients with Acute Ischemic Stroke by Neurologic Deficit

A.I. Semenenko, Yi.Yi. Kobelyatskyi, B.А. Kondratskyi, N.A. Semenenko


Neurological examination of the patients with acute stroke is necessary to diagnose stroke. The investigation of the effect of course therapy with isoosmolar 0.9% NaCl solution and hyperosmolar mannitol solution on neurology deficit dynamics by various neurologic scales was of great interest for substantial clarification of the impact of these solutions on the course of acute stroke. The studied solutions were administered in the potential effective doses (experimentally determined) immediately after diagnosed stroke and then every 12 hours daily within 7 days. The results of the treatment were controlled daily using GCS, FOUR and NIHSS. 0.9% NaCl did not have significant effect on neurologic deficit dynamics by GCS, FOUR and NIHSS parameters within 7 days of following up period (р > 0.05). Intergroup analysis of neurologic deficit demonstrated significantly worse results in mannitol group compared with the group of 0.9% NaCl solution by FOUR scale (р = 0.02).


scale; stroke; mannitol; 0.9% NaCl solution


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