The Current State of Problems of Nutritional Support in Patients with Abdominal Surgical Pathology

A.A. Pavlov, N.V. Mironovа


The review of literature presents a view of the state of nutritional support problems in patients with abdominal surgical pathology. After numerous studies conducted in recent years, it has been found that patients, who were prescribed timely nutritional support, had significantly lower rate of complications during surgeries, such as infections, a reduced number of days of hospital stay, an improved tolerability of chemotherapy and, finally, a significantly lower percentage of mortality. The modern idea of the nutritional support is based on the following principled position: nutrition, which is prescribed to the patient, should be adapted in terms of chemical composition, energy value of the diet, preparation technology, dietary regimen to the clinical and pathogenetic features of the disease and its stage. The question of the way, type, date of a start, the term of additional therapy and method of nutrition of patients with abdominal surgical pathology remains topical, it requires further determination of the ways to solve the complex problem of accelerating the recovery of the operated patients.


nutritional support; surgery; abdominal patho­logy


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