Case Report of Surgical Treatment for Complicated Penetrating Stab Wounds at the Level of C3-C4 Vertebrae

I.G. Gochfeld, A.N. Likholetov, B.B. Pavlov, G.V. Razumnikov


There is given an observation of penetrating wound by sharp metal object (kitchen knife) of the cervical spine and cervical cord at the level of C3-C4 vertebrae. Trajectory of foreign body entering — paravertebrally right to left with the destruction of the posterior wall of the vertebral canal and half transverse spinal cord injury. The distal part of a sharp object caused the injury of the vertebral vessels on the contralateral side and their tamponade. Neurological manifestations were observed in the form of Brown-Sequard syndrome from a specified level. Patient urgently underwent surgery: laminectomy C3-C4, foreign body extraction, sealing of the dural sac with tachocomb. In the course of the intervention we made revision of the spinal canal, medullar wound cleaning with antiseptics, hemostasis with tamponade of vertebral vessels in the bone canal by free-muscle flap. Postoperatively we didn’t observe worsening of neurological deficit.


non-ballistic wounds; cervical spine and cervical cord; sealing of the dural sac


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