New Marker of Early Cardiac Remodeling in Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction with ST Elevation

A.N. Parkhomenko, Ya.M. Lutay, A.A. Stepura, О.I. Irkin


The study evaluated the parameters of myocardial deformation of the left ventricle (LV) to identify patients at high risk of early post-infarction LV dilation. We examined 76 patients with a first acute Q myocardial infarction within the first 24 hours of developing symptoms of the disease. Indicators of longitudinal, radial and circular LV deformation were evaluated using speckle-tracking echocardiography. Early post-infarction LV cavity dilation (increase in end-diastolic volume by 15 % or more) was diagnosed in 21 (27.6 %) patients. This category of patients already in the first day of the disease had a violation of the circular LV function, but in terms of the longitudinal and radial strain did not differ from patients without pathological remodeling. The value of the circular deformation > –11.0 % with a sensitivity of 78.3 % and specificity of 73.1% was a predictor of early pathologic LV remodeling. Using LV longitudinal strain parameters we identified patients with a high probability of acute heart failure in the hospital period of the disease.


speckle-tracking echocardiography; left ventricular deformation; acute myocardial infarction; strain; early post-stroke dilatation of the left ventricle; acute heart failure


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