Fat Emulsions: Current State of the Problem at Carrying out Intensive Care in Critically Ill Patients

Ye.Yu. Sorokina


The article presents a literature review of the current state of the problem of the use of fat emulsions as a component of parenteral nutrition in intensive care. It is found that fat emulsions currently used for complete or partial parenteral nutrition showed different effects on immunological functions in critically ill patients, and their prognosis. It is primarily due to the differences in the composition of fat emulsions of various manufacturers available in Ukraine now, namely the different qualitative and quantitative content of fatty acids. It is concluded that oleic acid (ω-9) is the most resistant to lipid peroxidation and has insignificant effect on the synthesis of inflammation mediators without provoking immunodepression or immunosuppression. This fact places a priority on the use of fat emulsions containing mainly oleic acid (ω-9) in the medicine of emergency. Lipid emulsion ClinOleic based on olive oil and containing the largest amount of immunoneutral oleic acid (ω-9) fully complies these requirements. Lipid emulsion ClinOleic is a component of three-compartment bags for parenteral nutrition under the trade name Oliclinomel (Baxter). Therefore, ClinOleic, fat emulsion based on olive oil, is immunoneutral being a part of the composition of Oliclinomel and can be used in the majority of the patients in various conditions (long-term parenteral nutrition, surgery patients, critically ill patients, including those with enhanced or weakened inflammatory response).


intensive care; parenteral nutrition; fat emulsions; ClinOleic; Oliclinomel


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22141/2224-0586.4.59.2014.83428


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