First Own Experience of Prothrombinase Complex Concentrate Application in Life-Threatening Coagulopathy

Ya.M. Pidgirny, O.V. Filyk, O.R. Yayechnik


This article describes a clinical case of effective correction for life-threatening hypocoagulation using octaplex, a prothrombinase complex concentrate, in a female patient with polytrauma. There is shown normalization of such indicators as prothrombin index, international normalizing ratio, thrombin index and total fibrinogen level that was associated with clinical signs of diffuse bleeding control. However, over the next 6 days of treatment we detected persistent deficit of antithrombin III, a progressive increase in the level of D-dimers and inhibition of fibrinolysis system, which correlated with an increase of multiple organ dysfunction.


polytrauma; hemostasis; prothrombinase complex concentrate


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