Assessing the State of Blood Supply of Lower Extremities in Patients with Diabetic Peripheral Polyneuropathy without Lesions of Main Arteries

M.B. Gorobeiko


The study involved 178 patients with diabetes mellitus type 2 and symptoms of severe diabetic peripheral polyneuropathy. Transcutaneous partial oxygen pressure (PtcO2) in tissues of the feet was reduced compared with the norm in 139 (78 %) patients. We have obtained a direct statistically significant dependence of the degree of tissue ischemia of the lower extremities on the duration of diabetes mellitus, with the worst PtcO2 parameters in patients with diabetes duration more than 12 years. The level of tissue ischemia was independent of sex of the patients, smoking status and degree of diabetes mellitus compensation in terms of glycated hemoglobin. Due to the lack of instrumentally confirmed occlusion of the leg arteries of large and medium caliber we have concluded that the causes of hidden ischemia of the feet are microangiopathy and polyneuropathy.


diabetes mellitus; neuropathy; microangiopathy; diagnosis


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