Anesthetic Management of Cesarian Section

Ya.M. Pidgirny


Issues of anesthetic management of cesarian section are enlightened in this lecture. Classification of urgency levels according to clinical protocol in obstetrics «Cesarian section» and controversies there are also shown. Preoperative preparation of pregnant women in urgent and planned surgery modes and monitoring of woman in childbirth and a child are also described. Because of differences found in protocols for aspiration preventing depending on different clinics the problem of this complication is included in this lecture. Issues of pre- and intraoperative block failure are also described. Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of local anesthetics, opioids and adjuvants in regional anesthesia are described as well. Difficult intubation and extubation protocols are in special focus and are accented.


anesthesia; cesarian section; antacids; local and general anesthesia


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