New in Diagnosis and Treatment of Acute Pancreatitis

L.A. Maltseva, N.F. Mosentsev, V.G. Chernenko, N.N. Mosentsev


The article highlights the current principles of diagnosis, etiology, prediction of acute pancreatitis severity: imaging, intensive care organization, tactics in the presumed biliary pathology, indications and the terms for intervention in necrotizing pancreatitis, intervention strategies; the terms fot cholecystectomy or endoscopic sphincterotomy.


acute pancreatitis; diagnosis; etiology; intensive therapy; indications and terms for surgery


Tenner S., Baillie J., De Witt J., Vege S.S. American College of Gastroenterology Guideline: Management of Acute Pancreatitis // Am. J. Gastroenterol. — 2013. — № 108(9). — P. 1400-1415.



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