Level of Glycemia as an Indicator of the Adequacy of Anesthesia During Adenotomy in Children

M.B. Pushkar, M.A. Heorhiiants


In this article, the adequacy of the different me­thods of anesthesia during adenotomy in children was compared by measuring blood glucose levels. It was found that du­ring adenotomy under general anesthesia, which was conducted with propofol and sevoflurane using fentanyl, the effective intraoperative analgesia is provided without any significant fluctuations of the blood glucose levels. A comprehensive study of the level of glycemia in conjunction with the study of the pain reactions in children in both groups showed that the use of ibuprofen at a dose of 10 mg/kg for the purpose of postoperative anesthesia leads to adequate postoperative analgesia.


adenotomy; glycemia; intravenous anesthesia; inhalation anesthesia


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