Tactical Medicine as a Key Element of Emergency Medical Care During Anti-Terrorist Operations

O.V. Mazurenko, H.H. Roshchin, V.O. Voloshin


The purpose of the study: to summarize the modern principles of emergency medical care, which are used in tactical medicine.
Material and Methods: bibliographic, semantic, personal observations during training in the United States.
Results and Their Discussion. It was shown that 18 % of lethal effects due to combat trauma are preventive. Among the preventive deaths during military operations, three ones are main: 1) external bleeding from the limb wound (61 %); 2) tension pneumothorax (33 %); 3) airway obstruction (6 %). In order to implement urgent measures to preserve the life of the wounded military personnel should be provided with modern hemostatic plaits and hemostatic agents based on chitosan, multifunctional bandage of Compressed Gauze type and occlusion airtight bandage, which is included in first-aid pack. In early hospital phase, volume of surgical treatment of combat injuries should be clearly regulated by the relevant protocol.
Conclusions. The list of equipment for tactical physicians’ crew should include needle with Heimlich valve to puncture drainage of tension pneumothorax. Development and implementation of the principles of tactical medicine is one of the components of civil-military cooperation, and military personnel, staff of the office of internal affairs, National Guard and civilians should be trained in the principles of first aid to the wounded during emergencies.


tactical medicine; combat trauma; preventive death; emergency medical care


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