Colloid and Hyperocmolar Solution Gecoton® Offers New Opportunities in Emergency Therapy of Critical Conditions

L.P. Chepky


The basic aims of infusion therapy are support of systemic circulation and recovery of tissue perfusion. Various crystalloid and colloid solutions are used for these problems solving. Hydroxiethyl starch (HES) solutions are the most common ones, used along with colloid solutions that is defined by their high effectiveness. Though volemic effect develops later in comparison with that one of hyperosmolar solutions. Hypertonic saline conversely has fast volemic effect but it lasts for 40–50 minutes. That caused the development of a new medication Gecoton® — a new generation polypharmaceutical polyion colloid and hyperosmolar solution by the Institute of Blood Pathology and Transfusion Medicine of AMS of Ukraine in Lviv and a group of clinicians. Its components activate each other. Early development of volemic effect and less volume of infusion with Gecoton® allow gain time necessary for stabilization of patient’s condition and cut a likelihood of perfusion syndrome and pulmonary and brain edema occurence.


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