On the Prevention of Cardiovascular Complications of Anesthetic Management of Non-Cardiac Surgeries

Yu.O. Ploshschenko


The paper presents current algorithms of examination and preoperative management of patients with concomitant cardiovascular disease, namely coronary heart disease, hypertension, chronic heart failure. It is known that the risk of complications is directly depends on the patient’s condition before surgery as well as concomitant diseases and their severity. Besides, urgency of surgery, volume, complexity, duration of surgery have an impact of prognosis. Patients with overt or asymptomatic coronary artery disease, left ventricular dysfunction, valvular disorders, heart rhythm disorders, or patients who have risk factors for their development are most susceptible to complications. Selection of the optimal management of perіoperative period in patients can reduce the incidence and severity of cardiac complications.


cardiovascular complications; non-cardiac surgery; perioperative intensive care


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