Clinical Case of Cardiac Sarcoma

Yu.M. Mostovoy, M.V. Ovcharuk, V.Yu. Gladkikh


Cancer is the problem of all mankind. There is some apprehension concerning the most common cancer, while rare tumors cause difficulty in diagnosis and are rarely detected intra vitam. This article describes a clinical case of cardiac sarcoma, which is primary malignant tumor. Cardiac sarcoma affects the right heart, growing up, as a rule, from the endocardium or pericardium. Primary cardiac sarcoma can cause occlusion of the valves and outgoing parts of the ventricles, and compress and grow in coronary vessels, the large arteries and veins. The patient I., 40 years old, was admitted to the pulmonology department with suspected pneumonia. Chest X-ray showed signs of bronchitis during admission. Variety of complaints and changes in complete blood count, which are not typical for bronchitis, attracted our attention. Hypoechoic mass under pulmonary valve, which caused subocclusion of pulmonary valve and subvalvular space, was detected during echocardiography. The patient was sent to the Institute of cardiovascular surgery named after N.N. Amosov. The operation was performed and fibrocardiac sarcoma was verified. We consider it necessary to focus the attention of physicians on this clinical case, hope to when the rate of such pathological conditions increases, they will be more prepared for their diagnostics.


cardiac sarcoma; tumors


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