Peculiarities of application of caudal analgesia by bupivacaine solution in combination with buprenorphine during endovascular surgical interventions on peripheral arteries

D.О. Dziuba, Byshovets S.М., О.А. Halushko, S.V. Vereshchahin, V.V. Donets, A.М. Bohdan


Despite development of medicine, the postoperative pain syndrome treatment is still in a topical issue. A great number of existing analgesia methods and medicines have no essential impact on the incidence of postoperative pain syndrome. The researches indicated that intensive pain impulsion arises during even minor surgeries, including endovascular interventions. The caudal anesthesia is a type of epidural analgesia. The article shows the peculiarities of application of this procedure.


postoperative pain syndrome; caudal anesthesia; complications; bupivacaine; buprenorphine


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