The modified infusion therapy and adrenomimetic support and indicators of functional gut condition in multiple organ dysfunction syndrome in victims with severe concomitant injury

I.R. Malysh, L.V. Zgrzheblovskaya


The article deals with the investigation of influence of the modified infusion therapy and adrenomimetic support on the gut function. It was established that applied protocol of modified infusion therapy according to the stage of postinjury period provided stable levels of inraabdominal and abdominal perfusion pressure during all observation period. It was also found that the levels of abdominal perfusion pressure in group with protocol of modified infusion therapy according to the stage of postinjury period were 8.41–19.35 %; tolerated volume of enteral nutrition — 26.92–41.50 % higher; the level of inraabdominal pressure — 22.39–22.46 % lower in comparison to the control group. The application of protocol of modified infusion therapy and adrenomimetic support according to the stage of postinjury period was accompanied by increase of abdominal perfusion pressure, volumes of tolerated enteral nutrition. This can be explained by the influence of noradrenaline infusion on splanchnic circulation.


severe injury; multiple organ dysfunction syndrome; infusion therapy; adrenomimetic correction; gut


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