Factors influencing the platelet concentration and functional properties in plasma rich in growth factors (PRGF Endoret)

V.A. Rybak, L.V. Natrus, A.V. Kopchak, T.O. Pavlychuk, P.A. Chernovol


The aim of the study was to examine the platelet concentration in plasma rich in growth factors (PRGF Endoret) obtained by standard protocol and its functional properties depending on the patient’s individual hematological features. The study examined 30 patients with post-traumatic and post-operative defects of the upper and lower jaw. Before reconstructive surgery the clinical and radiological examination, blood test, coagulation and induced platelets aggregation were examined. During the reconstructive surgery two plasma fractions were produced by the PRGF Endoret protocol for all patients. The platelets and other blood cells concentrations, as well as the fibrin membrane morphology were evaluated for each fraction. The average ratio between the concentration of platelet in fraction rich in growth factors (F2) and native blood (concentration index) was 1.48, the platelets content in F1 fraction (plasma poor in platelets) was 1.3 less than in blood. The main factors that influence the platelet concentration in plasma were the initial number of platelets in blood, hematocrit and fibrinogen concentration. The ratio of platelets level in fractions depended only on hematocrit. The study of correlations between the functional activity of platelets in F1 and F2 fractions revealed the inverse correlation between platelets aggregation activity and their content in F2 fraction. This explains the absence of statistically significant influence of platelet amount in PRGF on clinical efficiency of surgical procedures. In non-standard cases, when hypoactive platelet characteristics were associated with their increased amount in blood it was possible to use PRGF method without division on fractions. In cases, when small number of platelets in blood was associated with their hypoactivity, a larger (double) volume of PRGF (F2 fraction) was recommended for use to provide the better therapeutic effect.


fibrin; growth factors; platelet; platelet-rich plasma; PRGF


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